Katie Davies

Katie Davies

Hello and welcome to my site - I hope you enjoy the work. I am a moving image artist based in Bristol where I am a Senior Lecturer in Media Production at The University of the West of England, teaching critical thinking through filmmaking, images, text-based work, research methods and audience engagement. I am also a member of the artist-run collective BEEF (Bristol Experimental Expanded Film), a film and sound collective supporting experimental practice in Bristol since 2015 and providing an independent platform and much-needed resource for artists’ production, distribution and critical engagement.

I make video, 16mm film and moving image work with groups and communities to explore the construction of collective identities and the moving image. Nationalism and violence often form a central critique for the projects, focusing upon identities which are dictated by the state; their agency to self-identify manipulated between political agendas and media discourse. I am interested in how moving image can produce new imagined communities and reclaim places and identities.


Katie is a Royal West of England Academician and was nominated for the 2016 Paul Hamlyn Award. She was a Jury member for the International competition, Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 2018 and has exhibited nationally and internationally including FACT Liverpool 2018, Kassel Dokfest, Bratislava International Film Festival and Oberhausen International Film Festival 2017 & 2015, Sarajevo Film Festival 2015, Border Visions, Connecticut, USA 2012 and The Istanbul Biennial 2009. Her practice-led PhD research focused upon contemporary British Bordering practices and she has contributed to several practice-led publications, writing for both US and British publications.

Projects & Artworks

The Separate System

Single Screen and Two Screen Installation

Produced with two prisons in Liverpool, The Separate System explores the distinct, yet interconnected, spaces of the military, custody and ‘civilian’ life.

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Sleeping in Public

Single Screen Installation

Sleeping in Public considers what it means to work or, rather, who we are without work.

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The Lawes of the Marches

Three Screen installation, 22 minutes
Single Screen, 16 minutes

The Lawes of the Marches follows the political/social border and how the landscape between England and Scotland was acted out during the 2014 Referendum vote.

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The Separation Line

Single Screen Installation, 9 minutes

The Separation Line exposes a British border shared by hundreds of civilians and members of the Armed Forces.

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Single Screen, 9 minutes

'In the video, Commonwealth, Davies shifts her focus between three distinct types of ceremonial activity taking place within Sheffield Town Hall: the citizenship ceremonies, the council meetings and...

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38th Parallel

8 minute looping installation

“Filmed at the Demilitarized Zone on the border between North and South Korea, the work 38th Parallel seeks to portray the particular reality of this contested site. It is a reality marked by an eerie sense of latency.

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Speaker, South Korea

Digital print with soundtrack

“Remember, once you get to The Demilitarized Zone, there is no more De”, David Palmer, Public Affairs Specialist for the US Forces Korea. On experiencing this Militarized environment, there is...

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Looking for Abraham

Single screen, 3 minutes 52 seconds

Filmed in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Looking for Abraham is a four-minute excerpt from a stand up routine captured during happy hour in a European hostel. The comic cultivates a relationship between...

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Katie Davies